Coursework Title: Gym Instructor / Management Basic Certificate (GIMBC)
Course Overview:
The Gym Instructor / Management Basic Certificate course is designed to provide aspiring fitness
professionals with the essential knowledge and skills required to excel in the fitness industry. This
comprehensive program covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of gym instruction and
management, ensuring participants are equipped to lead and support clients effectively in achieving
their fitness goals.

Course Objectives:
1. Understand the principles of exercise science and its application in designing effective
workout programs.
2. Gain expertise in anatomy and physiology to comprehend the human body’s response to
3. Develop communication and coaching skills to effectively guide and motivate clients.
4. Acquire knowledge of proper exercise techniques and safety protocols to prevent injuries.
5. Familiarize with various fitness equipment and their appropriate usage.
6. Learn basic nutrition concepts and their role in supporting fitness goals
7. Master customer service and client retention strategies for gym management.

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Course Fee:  150,000 Naira (150 USD)

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Promo Fee -100,000 Naira (100 USD)

Course Duration:

2 weeks /1 month according to individual capacity.

Learning Process:

Virtual Learning

WhatsApp platform and Zoom Webinars.

Course Materials:

Electronic Handouts for all the modules

Payment Process:

Nigeria – Pay to Befit Academy Annex Account – Opay 8033015177

Outside Nigeria – Please contact the Befit Academy via email: info@befitacademy.com.ng

Or via Befit Academy WhatsApp group

Call: 2348033015177

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