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Welcome to BEFIT ACADEMY an online learning platform for fitness practitioners which provides basic learning for new bees in the fitness industry, intermediate learning for practicing fitness trainers and coordinating professional learning for specialized fitness models. 

Non fitness trainers also benefit from the wealth of resource available at Befit.

Our structured continuous professional development programs benefits individuals, associations and organizations providing them with up-to-date   developments in the fitness industry and keeping participants at the top of their professional life in the fitness industry.

Get registered with Befit to join the team of beneficiaries of the Befit extended network. 

Follow our training programs and partake in our regular assessment tests that generates CPD points for you. 

Be a top notch in the fitness industry the BEFIT way.

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Our services include the following:

  1. Providing a continuous stream of basic knowledge in related fields which enhance the development of the fitness industry.
  2. Providing fitness industry practitioners with requisite knowledge and skills to be at the fore front of their professional services.
  3. Planning and implementing seminars, workshops and webinars towards educating and assessing practitioners of the fitness industry as a means of continuous professional development.
  4. Allocating CPD points to successful participants of our learning activities.
  5. Accreditation of successful participants who cover any of our modules.
  6. Issuance of BEFIT certificates.
  7. Establishing partnerships with knowledge providers.
  8. Counselling practitioners in the fitness industry on self-development strategies and how to meet societal demands of their industry.
  9.  Providing personnel to the fitness industry facilities.
  10. Conducting research and development and support services for Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, Corporate Organizations, Fitness and wellness facilities, Communities, Families and Individuals.

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