QuickBooks Online vs Desktop: Which Is Right for You in 2023?

Conversely, many classic QuickBooks Desktop tools can’t be found in the online version. Here are some of the key differences between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Pro Plus and Premier are no longer sold, although unsold copies may still be available at authorized vendors for a limited time. QuickBooks is encouraging all existing Desktop clients to migrate to QuickBooks Online as soon as possible. There are two versions of QuickBooks Desktop (Premier Plus and Enterprise) and four versions of QuickBooks Online (Simple Start, Essentials, Plus and Advanced). We’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to make a copy of your data and import it to QuickBooks Online.

However, we found notable differences in various features, discussed in the sections below. You must purchase additional licenses if you want to access it on multiple computers. While you can add cloud access to QuickBooks Enterprise, it involves an additional fee.

Frequently asked questions about moving to QuickBooks Online

In addition, the Premier and Enterprise plans offer more than 150 reports, with industry-specific reporting options available. QuickBooks Desktop still has a place in the accounting software industry. It’s an especially good choice for small-business owners without a consistent internet connection and big businesses with complex, industry-specific financial needs. But for most small-business owners in most industries, QuickBooks Online has better automation, better access, and a better price point.

  • QuickBooks Accountant is specifically designed for accounting firms and bookkeepers, with the goal of handling accounting transactions for companies that are not their own.
  • These versions give business owners more features and reports geared toward their industry.
  • You must purchase additional licenses if you want to access it on multiple computers.
  • Let’s break down QuickBooks Online vs. Quickbooks Desktop in more detail so that you know which is the best choice for your company given its size, needs, and more.

For a business looking to set up multiple users with predefined roles, they may find themselves eventually wishing they had a system that allowed for unlimited users. Furthermore, using Dancing Numbers saves a lot of your time and money which you can otherwise invest in the growth and expansion of your business. It is free from any human errors, works automatically, and has a brilliant user-friendly interface and a lot more. We provide you support through different channels (Email/Chat/Phone) for your issues, doubts, and queries. We are always available to resolve your issues related to Sales, Technical Queries/Issues, and ON boarding questions in real-time.

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Meanwhile, QuickBooks Online provides more than 650 integrations to QuickBooks pros beyond 200+ integrations. Additionally, having more integration than QuickBooks Online contains more integration. Both QuickBooks Pro & Premier and QuickBooks Online have particularly poor customer support. However, Intuit has worked on updating its help desk centers to provide user-friendly services.

For instance, QuickBooks Desktop allows you to create customized job costing reports tailored to specialized industries, including manufacturers, contractors, and retailers. You can upgrade to any version of QuickBooks Desktop as your needs change. However, converting your data from one desktop solution to another can be a complex process. Add payroll to QuickBooks Online starting at $45 per month, or to Desktop starting at $50, plus $2 per employee, per month. For $27.50 per month for the first three months, then $55 per month after that, get up to three users, manage and pay bills and track time with its Essentials plan, which is its most popular plan.

Contrary to popular belief, all versions of QuickBooks (not just Enterprise) that are traditionally thought of as desktop options have a subscription-based pricing model. You no longer are able to purchase a version of the software and use it indefinitely. QuickBooks Pro does not provide the mobile applications being locally-installed system, the QuickBooks Online offer features advantageous with both Android and iOS apps. The great news is that QuickBooks’s online and desktop versions both offer excellent features, though there are some differences.

Mobile Accounting (Winner: QuickBooks Online)

Whereas QuickBooks Desktop is a locally installed accounting system with an annual subscription pricing structure (although you can make a “one-time” purchase lasting three years). Moreover, both systems provide strong accounting in which QuickBooks Desktop offers amazing customizable options whereas QuickBooks Online has easy-to-learn and automation features. Many seasoned accountants and bookkeepers may be more accustomed to this “traditional” version of QuickBooks that needs to be installed on your computer. QuickBooks Desktop offers more comprehensive features and tools that any accounting professional may need. QuickBooks offers a separate product — QuickBooks Self-Employed — designed for freelancers and independent contractors, with plans starting at $15 per month. If you’re considering desktop offerings, try exploring QuickBooks’ other small-business products and checking out our full breakdown of QuickBooks pricing.

QuickBooks Enterprise is intended for use by larger-small businesses and can be used by manufacturing and distribution businesses with its advanced inventory features. QuickBooks Online is for more accounting-focused businesses looking for a web-based system, and/or a business that wants access to the large app-based ecosystem QuickBooks offers. Making a guess based on their names, you might assume that one product is an enterprise accounting software, while the other is online accounting software. But that doesn’t explain much about the differences in features being offered. Dancing Numbers is SaaS-based software that is easy to integrate with any QuickBooks account.

However, in addition to its mobile app, QuickBooks Online has a desktop app. Any info you enter into the QuickBooks Online desktop app will sync with your cloud-based QuickBooks platform if your computer is connected to the internet. Move some or all of your data from any Desktop version, including balances, specific lists, and payroll data. With QuickBooks Online, users receive many of the same great features while gaining the mobility of cloud-based software. QuickBooks Online is easier to use and has more automations, more integrations, and better invoicing.

Webgility for QuickBooks Online

Our complete QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop comparison covers key differences, pricing, features, and usability, so you can easily decide whether QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop is right for your business. If you invoke the guarantee, QuickBooks will conduct a full n evaluation of the Live Bookkeeper’s work. You’ll need to provide QuickBooks with a receipt for the transaction in question, correspondence from your outside tax accountant, or a document stating the balance of the account if an account balance is in question. If you’re looking for more from your subscription—like productivity on the go, collaboration with your team, and access on multiple devices (PC, Mac, and mobile)—QuickBooks Online may work better for you.

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This may influence which products we review and write about (and where those products appear on the site), but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. QuickBooks Online is easier to learn and use on a daily basis with the accessibility of offers across multiple devices and the number of available automations and applications. However, the program is more “generic” and won’t give you the most industry-specific capabilities.

In contrast, as your needs evolve, you may upgrade to any of the QuickBooks Desktop editions. However, upgrading will need you to convert your data from one software solution to another, which may be a time-consuming and complex procedure. Both platforms come with the basic features needed to manage your accounts, but there are certain differences between QuickBooks Desktop and Online. Let’s see how these two platforms compare in features, pricing, and reviews to help you decide on QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop in 2023.

QuickBooks Online vs. Desktop 2023

In this article, you will learn about some critical factors that drive QuickBooks Online vs Desktop decisions. QuickBooks has confirmed that they will discontinue support for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 on the 31st of May 2023 as they focus on their online platform. This means that from June 1st, 2023, you won’t have access to any add-on services, what is cause marketing, and how can it take your business to the next level nor will you receive any updates. The basic features will still keep working, but you won’t be receiving system-critical updates starting from the 1st of June 2023. Tax1099 provides a comprehensive suite of features including year-round eFiling, prior year eFiling, corrected forms, and more, making eFiling an easy and efficient process.

There is no email support available although the customer service of QuickBooks online is slightly better there is no need of paying any additional charges for support. In case there are multiple users you can use phone support and live bank feeds. The monthly pricing structure operates better for small a business that does not have the cash flow for high-priced licensing or annual subscriptions. For $1,340 per year, get the Enterprise 22.0 plan with advanced pricing, reporting and inventory. The higher your plan tier, the more reports and users you can add, although it’s important to understand concurrent users are each sold separately. Keep in mind that any add-ons you decide to combine with your core QuickBooks experience are not included with these prices.

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